Q: What’s this?
A: A blog. Click the “About Us” link, you twit.
Q: Why?
A: We need better things to do.
Q: What do you guys do here?
A: Rant about how fail our school is.
Q: Do you cuss?
A: Hell yeah.
Q: Won’t the teachers feel offended?
A: We try not to.
Q: hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii im that kid in ur science class!!!!! put me on pls????
A: We probably don’t know you. No. Sorry.
Q: What happened to the features?
A: Crap Sevvies Do and Lost and Found got postponed indefinitely, which is the nice way of saying “canceled”. Friday Checklist and That’s What She Said are still going strong though.
Q: This site made me laugh so hard I pissed my pants. Will you get me a new pair?
A: No.
Q: Anything I can do to help you guys out?
A: Send a link to your friends. And thank you for being so considerate.
Q: You suck.
A: Your mom sucks.


7 Responses to FAQ

  1. Edward Zhou says:

    a question: can i cuss (like i do on buzz)

  2. Elle says:

    So, can I write an article, send it to you, and then you decide whether to post it on the blog?

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