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The three types of Asians

First off, don’t call me racist. I’m Asian. So I’m insulting myself. As far as I’m concerned, there’s three types of Asians in this world The Nerd: The stereotypical nerd that you first think of when you hear the word … Continue reading

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OVER8D: Dress Code

The good folks at RCMS constantly like to remind us of the dress code. They’ve got posters and everything, and they even did a stupid dumb skit on the morning news about “YOU GOT DRESS CODED, FOOL!!!1!” Okay, I understand … Continue reading

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Best test answers ever

I want to be a teacher. So I could give bonus points to these people.

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Apple Day

  So Wednesday was National Apple Day. And usually it’d go unnoticed. But the lunch monitors heard of it. And when that happens, it’s the equivalent of a coyote anvil massacre. Help us all. See, the faculty is always looking … Continue reading

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