Ben and Buffy

Today we had Ben Mikaelsen come visit our school!

First the boring stuff: Ben Mikaelsen is an author who’s written eight books, including Touching Spirit Bear, which I highly recommend, Petey, which I haven’t read, and Ghost of Spirit Bear, which I don’t recommend as much, but that’s just personal taste.

Ben Mikaelsen is an awesome guy. The kind of guy who looks intimidating but has a really cute gooshy Barney and Friends personality. If you met this guy on an airplane you would ask for his phone number and then lose the slip of paper somewhere. That sorta guy.

He told us all about his childhood in Bolivia. And how he solo hablaba Español (use Google Translate, you cheaters). And how he was whiter than every English teacher at our school combined. And how he came to Minne-SO-tah and began to learn English. And how he was branded the dummy because he suked at speling and cudnt evin spel teh wurd teh. And even how he wore glorified lederhosen and tried to play football before realizing that us gringos call it soccer.

And then he told us how he dove off a 50-foot cliff.

And learned to fly a plane.

And skydived into a packed stadium for Homecoming.

Oh, and did I mention Buffy? This man has (had) a 750 POUND NORTH AMERICAN BLACK GRIZZLY BEAR NAMED BUFFY. As if he couldn’t be awesome enough.

Commence the aww’ing.

And after that, he talked about how he was always bullied as a kid. And how bullies are losers. (His exact words.) And how he hated his life until he realized that he could just not fight and instead simply not give a flying f**k. (Not his exact words.) And how he enjoyed life so much more when he did things that he liked to do and not care about what others did. It was quite inspirational.

I believe that the message we should all learn from this is that bullying is bad and should not be tolerated, and we need to have more self-confidence, and that when we all learn to tolerate, accept and celebrate each other’s differences and appreciate diversity we will truly make the world a blah blah blah let’s look at another picture of Buffy.


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I'm a high schooler living in the 'burbs of Fairfax, Virginia. I blog to vent my anger. Please enlighten yourself at your own convenience.
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