Teacher Report Cards Quarter 2

At long last, the teacher report cards are finalized.

Sorry for this being so late- I’ve been really busy, and I have way too much homework (ahem), and I couldn’t find enough free time to average all the grades, and it’s really slow averaging them, and I’m totally making excuses, but better late than never, right?

Thanks to everyone who graded and thank you SO SO SO much to Chesnut for helping me average.

Three teachers got all As! Congratulations to Mr. Colgan, Mrs. Sekora and Mrs. Donovan!

Two teachers got all Fs! Congratulations to Mrs. Palmer and Mr. Bogert!

Our average for the entire school is a D. Unsurprisingly.

Tune in next quarter for the next teacher report card, in which hopefully I’ll be a helluva lot more on time!


About Zeal An

I'm a high schooler living in the 'burbs of Fairfax, Virginia. I blog to vent my anger. Please enlighten yourself at your own convenience.
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5 Responses to Teacher Report Cards Quarter 2

  1. Ben Chesnut says:

    Your welcome Zeal! I personally think Mr. Buchholz should have flunked… :P

  2. Alex says:

    zeal…. i dont think Mr. Bogert deserves F’s all the way. Almost all asian parents think he is a great teacher. One of the best teacher that there is in the school.
    I have to say, you guys only hate him because you guys do not understand the subject: It just takes some practice and problem solving skills and some time. But nooooooooo, you guys would be lazy and not even study or not try to listen to Mr. Bogerts lessons. Also, the other reason why you give him F’s is because you guys don’t get an average A’s in his class anymore because you are to laid back from the early elementary years to the 7th grade. You guys should learn whats it like to be in college. The Professor are a lot meaner: I have loads of experience from my grandfather ( He is a math professor at one point, by “trying ” help me learn, he gives me the most longest, hardest, insane math problems that I could solve with the knowledge I know. It takes me few hours to days to solve those problems, and i usually get it wrong. He pretty much just yelled at me for hours without ends on how i am the failure of life.). You have to work for the grade, and he teaches us as students a very important lesson.

    Mr Bogert is one of those teachers/professors you are going to get later in life. I have to say, most of them are probably meaner than him.

    • Zeal An says:

      The grades are averaged from the responses of people who voted. I did not skew the results in any way. If you feel Mr. Bogert should have received a higher score, then please vote in the next TRC. Insert more shameless self-promotion here.

  3. Alex says:

    my grandfather was a great professor. He was a professor until he went into the China space program.

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