Oh boy.
Auditioning for a play is probably one of the hardest things ever. Every waking moment of your life you find yourself wondering “Did I do a good job? Will I get in? Did they like me? AH CRAP I THINK THAT GIRL WAS BETTER THAN ME ASDFGHJKL;” And then if you’re like me then you find yourself mentally recalculating the probability of getting into the play AGAIN for the billionth time.
Some people like skydiving or rollercoasters because of the adrenaline rush, but all of that has NOTHING on auditioning. And really all you can do is practice hard and memorize your lines and go up there and just do your best. And then the hard part is sitting back down and watching everyone else do their best as well. And sometimes it’s scary because their best seems a lot better than yours.
So of course everyone goes to their friends and they’re like “OMG Tiffany did I do ok?” And they’re like “OMG YOU DID AMAZING YOU WERE THE BEST” and then you go “NOO YOU WERE THE BEST” and you never actually find out how you did or what you did wrong or right because when you ask people all you get is a bunch of crap biased information.
It doesn’t really matter though, because it’s not even up to the people, it’s up to Mr. Bickford. And then the callbacks list goes up and it’s all you can think of all day and you’re literally RUNNING from your 8th period class to the drama room and your friends are running beside you and as you’re running down that hallway you see people walking back in the opposite direction and some are crying and some are happy and some glare at you and some look at you all sympathetic and then you’re like hoboy maybe I don’t want to see the list after all. So you stop running and start walking and then you stop walking and just stand still because now you’re really scared and you don’t even want to see the list because you’re afraid of what it’s going to say. But you have to go and then you scan for your name and if it’s not there…
BUT IF IT IS! You get really excited and happy and you initial your name and people congratulate you and spam your Facebook wall and then you have to go through that entire process all over again with the callbacks except this time everyone’s REALLY good so you’re nervous times 2.
But if you do end up making it it’s a lot of fun and it really is like the cast is a big family and you get all these inside jokes with each other and with promoting it and the costumes and everything it’s just really cool.

See, auditioning isn’t that bad.

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3 Responses to Auditioning

  1. Scott says:

    Yay auditioning. The most boring part is watching other people audition especially since there were so few monologues to choose… you keep hearing the same thing over and over and over….

    As for checking the list when I saw I didn’t make it I was just like oh well, then walked away. I don’t get emotional about that stuff.

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