Hi guys.

So this is some serious business here, so I’ll try my best to keep it funny.

As you may have heard, we’ve got a new bill in Congress called SOPA. If you haven’t heard of it, read up:

If passed by Congress, [SOPA] would allow the government to curb public access to websites that have “no significant use” other than infringing copyright, enabling or facilitating copyright infringement. It would also make unauthorized media streaming an act of felony and hold the web publishers and hosting services responsible for curbing their users from posting copyright-infringed content.

In a nutshell, if we get caught posting copyrighted stuff, we could get blocked all North-Korea style.

Now, the guy who’s responsible for this monstrosity is named Lamar Smith (surprisingly, he’s white), and if you’re reading this, I’d like to say just one thing:


Obviously, this has to be stopped. So here’s what we’ve done:

  1. Our official Over8d policy towards SOPA is now “If you support SOPA, and you know who you are, please call a taxi and take yourself to the nearest mental institution.”
  2. We have a new header. Apparently this is the day where everyone’s blacking out everything to protest SOPA. It’s pretty awesome, and it’s also why I can’t read the Wikipedia article on papayas that I feel like reading now. But anyway, I couldn’t figure out how to black out this site, so the new header is the best I can do. Don’t worry, it’ll be back tomorrow.
  3. I sent an email to Congress asking them to vote against SOPA. It’s the best I can do to get straight to Washington and make my voice heard. And you can too. If we all do it, we can make some real changes. Do it for us, okay? Go to americancensorship.org. Shoot them an email. Sign the petition. Tell them we sent you. Together we are more powerful than the corporations’ money. Time to whoop some Congress ass!

…and that, my friends, is the most thoughtful post you will ever get. We return to Booger Journalism tomorrow.


About Zeal An

I'm a high schooler living in the 'burbs of Fairfax, Virginia. I blog to vent my anger. Please enlighten yourself at your own convenience.
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3 Responses to On SOPA

  1. Elle says:

    Also don’t believe what the media companies say about SOPA and PIPA quote from http://news.blogs.cnn.com/2012/01/18/sopa-internet-blackout/?hpt=hp_c2 “CNN’s parent company, Time Warner, is among those supporting the legislation.” So if their articles seem biased in any way look up their parent company on en.m.wikipedia.org. Neither of these acts will stop the actual pirates who will simply get new DNS’s or use ip addresses. Also the changes needed to implement these bills will result in a less secure, slower internet.

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