Friday Checklist 3

Time for another Friday Checklist!

  • Mr. Buchholz
    • Won’t hear what somebody says and will have to walk up to them.
    • He’ll say: ” If you don’t have permission to talk, ya don’t have permission to talk.”
  • Mrs. Sky
    • Our class  procedure will be strictly to stamp homework then check homework, copy down notes, stack chairs and leave.
    • She is wearing jeans.
  • Mrs. Adams
    • Before our dictation she will say “Belly up”
  • Mrs. Clifford
    • Will have a really weird power point animation for her opening slide.
    • Using hand gestures to explain something
  • Mr. Wright
    • Will  have a Starbucks coffee/Coke on his desk or with him.
  • Mr. Fratalli
    • Is wearing a blue shirt

    This week we got a perfect score! Woohoo! I think that’s a first for us.

    Tune in next month to see how we do then!


About iliathegreat

Love Pokemon, like skiing. Don't get great grades, B's and A's. kinda short,REALLY WEIRD. (go caps)
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