Teacher Report Cards Quarter 1

Hi guys! Today I have something for you that I’ve been procrastinating on these last three weeks.


This is what my reaction was looking at how you graded your teachers:

And then this was me when I realized I had to average them all:

Anyway, enjoy!

Guide to grades:

  • Easiness- how easy the class is. A means ridiculously easy, F means Einstein would give up.
  • Helpfulness- how helpful the teacher is. Does he/she really care about us learning, or does he/she just plop a packet onto your desk?
  • Fun- how fun the class is. Duh.
  • Homework- gee I wonder. A is virtually no homework, F is “good luck getting your nine hours of sleep tonight, sucker.”
  • Friendliness- how friendly the teacher is. Basically, would you like to have the teacher as a Facebook friend.
  • Happiness- because nobody likes a depressed teacher.

Fun statistical things:

  • Mrs. Burgett got the highest average, with 99% exactly. Congratulations!
  • She barely inched out Mr. Colgan, with 98%. Congratulations to him.
  • Mr. Booger Bogert got the lowest average, with a depressing 34%. Congratulations to you too.
  • The overall average of everything was 82%. That’s a B- for our schoolwide grade. Not bad, considering.
  • I definitely think Mrs. Sky should’ve gotten something better than a C+. Maybe that’s just me.

Thank you to all 18 people who voted!


About Zeal An

I'm a high schooler living in the 'burbs of Fairfax, Virginia. I blog to vent my anger. Please enlighten yourself at your own convenience.
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3 Responses to Teacher Report Cards Quarter 1

  1. iliathegreat says:

    I like the first animation

  2. Arjun Fischer says:

    how did sky get such a bad grade?

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