IT’S HALLOWEEN! (no dip Sherlock!)

Those of you still celebrating Halloween, Good Job! Those of you who say you’re too old for kiddish stuff like that, or say you’re to old trick or treating, well I’ll just say two words : SCREW YOU!!! Wadda ya mean too old for Halloween? Too old for free candy? More like too stupid!!! OK, sorry I’m just a really big Halloween person, and I can kinda see why in 8th grade some people might not trick or treat. But I still think it’s an awesome holiday. I mean it’s fun, you get to express your creativity, you get to hang out with your friends, get huge ass loads of candy and get the sh*t scared out of you. It’s perfect!!

Well idda know but my day on Halloween so far was pretty darn epic. First our bus broke down in the morning. Or that’s what our school said. Everybody knows that our bus was eaten by a huge werewolf . Duhhhh, I mean really, do you think I would just believe that our bus broke down, ON HALLOWEEN?! Only somebody stupid would believe in that. So all jokes aside our bus was 40 min late. Wow. but our substitute bus driver was some major speed racer and we only missed the first 22 min of class.

Then of course the school day was cool. I don’t know how but it just was. It seemed everybody was happier ( and spazzier ). Speaking of spazzing out I also scared the living god out of Lauren Phan during P.E. with my over excitement about Halloween. And then The best part was the actual trick or treating. A bunch of my friends came over and we had a really good time. We visited 3 neighborhoods, but two of them really let us down. The last one had alot though ( that would be my neighborhood. )

Anyway, here’s some pictures from our neighborhood and our little squad right before leaving.

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I love the last decorations facial expression. LOL.

well bye guys, hope you had an awesome Halloween I know I did. ( By that  I mean I collected 703 pieces of candy and ate so much that if anyone were to mention the word ” M&M’s I would barf!)



About iliathegreat

Love Pokemon, like skiing. Don't get great grades, B's and A's. kinda short,REALLY WEIRD. (go caps)
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4 Responses to Halloweeen

  1. Yay for horrible grammar!

  2. Richard Liu the Penguin Poo says:

    my PARENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! think that I’m too old since 1st grade.

  3. Richard Liu the Penguin Poo says:

    they’ll also think that if i eat too much chocolate i won’t be ready for tj.

  4. Richard Liu the Penguin Poo says:

    and i’m addicted to chocolate so …………………………………………….

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