2011 Guest Bloggers

Hey guys!

As you may know, we’re bringing on two guest writers to help us write more awesome stuff for Over8d this year. And since school is starting tomorrow, we thought it might be a good time to reveal who they are!

Thanks to everyone who guessed. Most of you were wrong. Boo hoo hoo to you too.

Our two guest writers will each be writing a monthly feature, as well as occasional regular posts.

Anyway, our first guest writer is Edward! Some of you may know him if you were in A Pod last year. He’ll be writing the column “Crap Sevvies Do”, which is a compilation of funny sevvie moments.  This was his idea, by the way.

Our other guest blogger is Cheryl. Because she’s the only girl on our team, she seemed like a perfect fit to write the “That’s What She Said” column, which examines snippets of our blog from a more feminine perspective. So she’ll blog about our blog. Kinda like Inception. Except way more funny.

We’re looking forward to seeing some awesome new posts from them!

Comment Question: If you were a guest blogger, what kind of monthly feature would you write?


About Zeal An

I'm a high schooler living in the 'burbs of Fairfax, Virginia. I blog to vent my anger. Please enlighten yourself at your own convenience.
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5 Responses to 2011 Guest Bloggers

  1. Cheryl says:

    haha yeaa its gonnabe a great year!

  2. Kate(: says:

    Yo. Lol sorry I never knew about your blog to be honest. I mean, I’ve heard about it, but I’ve only checked it once. Anyway, congrats Cheryl(: And Edward I guess. Hehe(: xx

  3. Scott says:

    I don’t know, taking my personality into the equation, my column would most likely be called:

    Doesn’t it sound interesting?

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