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Friday Checklist 8

Friday Checklist is back. And I ran out of creative intros a while ago. So here’s the results. Shah Iced tea from Starbucks Plaid shirt Says something disgusting Roach Chuckles to self RCMS T-shirt/Polo shirt Refills water bottle Pencil behind … Continue reading

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OVER8D: Bus Drivers

After seven years of school, I’ve known a lot of bus drivers. And I’ve managed to sort them into three main categories. THE MEAN CRANKY OLD LADY: Always an old lady. Dunno why. Always yelling at us about being too … Continue reading

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The three types of Asians

First off, don’t call me racist. I’m Asian. So I’m insulting myself. As far as I’m concerned, there’s three types of Asians in this world The Nerd: The stereotypical nerd that you first think of when you hear the word … Continue reading

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