Tobacco Free Day

1st period: Mrs. Molnar and and Mrs. Bryant gave us another stupid and cheesy announcement about a holiday nobody knows about. Today it was some kind of healthy choices day. So they made all of us stand up and to stretches ” TO GET ENERGIZED FOR THE DAY SO WE’RE HAPPY AND JOYFUL AND GODDAMN OPTIMISTIC!” (Because that has SO much to do with being tobacco free.) Yep, teachers just don’t understand some things. I guess they don’t realize what fools they make out of themselves when they do that stuff, or Mrs. Molnar and Bryant are the two bravest people I know.

Lunch:  Well on the main desk they had this big-ass ” I pledge to be tobacco free” banner. We were supposed to pledge to be tobacco free, and then write our names on the banner. Now, the tobacco free part is great, but what does the banner do? How is writing my name on a piece of paper gonna improve my life? Tell me, what is that gonna do for me?
And what if I don’t want to sign the banner? Can I still be tobacco free? Or is signing a banner part of the requirements?

Conclusion: We get the damn point. Drugs are bad for you. Leave us alone now.


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