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Merry Christmas!

Hey guys, merry Christmas! (or Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa, or whatever you celebrate. I’m trying not to be prejudiced.) Now while we’re happy for winter break, the teachers are probably even happier- two long, wonderful weeks without us. Mr. Shah is … Continue reading

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The third Friday Checklist

As promised, here’s Friday checklist number three! Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control, Ms. Piazza was not here on Friday. :( Her checklist items do not count. Let’s not waste any more time, shall we? Shah Sweater Iced tea … Continue reading

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Meet Happy Doodle!

Meet Happy Doodle, our unofficial official mascot. He was invented in Mr. Roach’s 7th period class after a particularly long and boring lecture with a record 52 chuckles. You’ll be seeing him around here a lot!

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The second Friday Checklist

Guess what? The Friday Checklist’s back! I’m posting this one now because I forgot to post this way back in November when I did this… I am so ignorant. Anyway, here’s the criteria: Mr. Shah will have his iced tea He will … Continue reading

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Snow Day!

Well wasn’t this a um… odd day. At first we had the fire drill during first period. Frigid cold  out there and everybody was huddling, yelling and other things that were kinda odd. To respond to that over the intercom … Continue reading

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Apple Day

  So Wednesday was National Apple Day. And usually it’d go unnoticed. But the lunch monitors heard of it. And when that happens, it’s the equivalent of a coyote anvil massacre. Help us all. See, the faculty is always looking … Continue reading

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Wow. Yet another fail in the humble cardboard box that is B pod lost and found. SOCKS. Yeah. Socks. So now this begs another set of questions: Socks? Why take them off? Why put them in a desk? Why, god, why? So … Continue reading

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