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Hi guys, and happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Over8d! Now we hope you’ll all have a wonderful time, but it’s four days without school, which is even better. Sadly that also means no new material for our blog. … Continue reading

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Teacher predictability Friday

Hi guys. So Thursday I was up late, and I realized that every single effing day there were certain things that I knew was going to happen the next day. Like homework. And Mr. Roach giggling to himself. And then … Continue reading

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Varun’s new look

Hey guys, you probably know Varun. He’s featured on our Friends page. And he got a really¬†embarrassing¬†haircut. THE AFTERMATH: Our heart goes out to Varun for surviving such a horrible tragedy. You can donate for him at  

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Cooking- Finally

Finally, we’ve done something worth talking about in Cooking! We’ve… wait for it… COOKED! WOW! Yup. Smoothies, popcorn, and French Toast. Yum Yum! Check out the pics: Thanks for waiting like hell with us! Believe me, this was well worth … Continue reading

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