Lost and Found: Men’s Lotion

Lucky us. We found something random in the Lost and Found box. Say hello to a huge bottle of men’s lotion.

Wait, WHAT?!?!?

That’s right, MEN’S LOTION. From this arises four questions:

  • Why would anyone bring lotion to school?
  • Must it be family size?
  • Uh, MEN’S? Is this how you get in touch with your feminine side?
  • Why did Mr. Shah take it home?

That’s right, Mr. Shah took it home. He said he could use it.

Wait, WHAT?!?!?

(let’s all hope Mr. Shah takes it back so we can post a picture. you’re too awesome to not see it.)



About Zeal An

I'm a high schooler living in the 'burbs of Fairfax, Virginia. I blog to vent my anger. Please enlighten yourself at your own convenience.
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4 Responses to Lost and Found: Men’s Lotion

  1. Varun Arkalgud says:

    This is a pretty cool blog. This is VarunA

  2. Lauren Phan says:

    The blog is totally OVERRATED!! HAHAH :)

  3. Lauren Phan says:

    Ah i love this site :D

  4. cHERYL says:

    ok im officially checking this site everyday now :P

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